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Comprehensive solution for gas power generating
  • Utilization of steel gas
    Utilization of steel gas

    High electricity demand and rising energy costs become a major challenge of the steel industry, resulting in the steel production process, "free" gas can serve as a very attractive energy for efficient power generation.

  • Landfill gas
    Landfill gas

    Produce landfill gas, yield and production process

  • Coal mine gas recycling
    Coal mine gas recycling

    30-40% of global coal mine coal bed methane produced can be effectively utilized for power generation gas turbines.

  • Sewage treatment plant
    Sewage treatment plant

    Wagner offers tailor-made solutions, so that the sewage treatment both energy and maintain long-term benefit.

  • Biological waste Generator
    Biological waste Generator

    According to users, and to provide appropriate design, construction, service support, so the biogas project at a reasonable cost to achieve the desired results.

  • Oil and associated gas generation
    Oil and associated gas generation

    Natural gas from the oil wells are usually referred to as "associated gas" or "raw natural gas", which contains water vapor, hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and other compounds.

Comprehensive solution for diesel power generating
  • Exhaust purify engineering
    Exhaust purify engineering

    Wagner exhaust gas purification system, through professional system equipment, diesel generator exhaust emission physical and chemical processing.

  • Power transmission and distribution (T&D) projects
    Power transmission and distribution (T&D) projects

    Through different designs, to meet a variety of needs, strictly follow the national standards for the protection of power coming.

  • Combined heat & power supply (CHP) engineering
    Combined heat & power supply (CHP) engineering

    Not only is the construction of high-quality cogeneration system, it is the user's overall needs fully met.

  • Noise reduction project of generator room
    Noise reduction project of generator room

    With a wealth of experience, to provide professional solutions to the noise problem in different environments complex system of multiple sound sources.

  • Fuel supply system
    Fuel supply system

    Including: ▷ designed and built between professional conservator, requiring civil, electrical, ventilation, anti-static grounding and jumper, etc; ▷ appropriately selected fuel tank; ▷ sedimentation, filtration, clean diesel; ▷ specialty tubing installation, use gravity, pumping, monitoring, etc. from Kai