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Why Does the Diesel Generator Units Apply Altitude Range


     China has vast territory of different altitude level, then normal diesel generator units should apply certain altitude range. Higher altitude will cause lower air pressure; air become thinner and oxygen rate keep reducing. Regarding Natural Air (NA) breathing type diesel engine, the burning feature will become worse due to insufficient oxygen breathing, so the engine can not achieve rated power output, that’s why diesel generator units must apply certain altitude range. Once exceeded the certain altitude, we must choose bigger diesel engine to achieve rated power out put to match rated motor power. Due to altitude raising, the ambient temperature will also be lower than that of in plain area; the ambient temperature will average reduce 6 when altitude increase every 1000m; meantime, the low oxygen rate of high land air will also influence to the engine, thats why the diesel engine start up feature will be worse than that of in plain area. During start up in high land area, operator should apply auxiliary facilities which adequate to low temperature start up procedure. In addition, the air pressure will also reduce relative to altitude increasing, which means water boil point will be decrease, together with the decreased cooling air mass and air pressure; the cooling system will be not effective as in plain area. The open type cooling method should not be chosen for high altitude usage. That’s why normal generator manufacturer present special generator units for high land usage, which would cost very high prices.

Guangdong Wagna Power Technology Co. Ltd. Introduce brand new type Wagna D series diesel generator units from Germany, which successfully conquered this hard issue, and empower same generator units perform the same operation in both highland and plain area. This greatly decrease generator operating and maintenance cost, and was widely recognized by our clients.


Comprehensive advantage

1. advanced high power ignition system, to ensure reliable ignition, easier start up

2. advance electronic controller and fuel gas pressure controlling system, to perform more stable operation of generator units

3. wagna generator units can be parallel, upload to power grid, enlarge total installed capacity, flexible of separate maintenance or repair, bring less influence to the client’s usage

4. Wagna generator units request less special parts, easy repairing, lower operating cost

5. better economy performance, lower operating cost, longer generator units life circle

6. equipped with high tech control panel, integrate with process diagnosis technology, comprehensive process control anti explosive technology, to achieve generator units multi grade protection, and more safe operation.

      We passed ISO9001 & CE certificates. Our quality plan is: provide qualified, reliable and satisfying products. We insist to fulfill market demand; we can also provide OEM for better fulfill clients’ requirements. We employed a strong, high quality and learning type team, we also possess strong economy strength and market promoting capability, and improve the supply, sales system, forming a set of scientific, complete and standardized modern management system, to provide customers with excellent value for quality and service.

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