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What is the most perfect loading rate of Diesel Generator Unit


Some customers are not familiar with generator units loading effects, when choosing gensets, they always calculate exact power consuming demand. If the consuming capacity full load achieves 300kW, they would choose exactly 300kW gensets, which is wrong. If the generator unit always operating full load, crankshaft and cylinder will bear very hard abrasion, and the generator units’ life circle will be severely reduced.


On the other side, some customers always worry about the insufficient power capacity, so they would prefer to choose over size gensets. For example, if the actual power demand is only 30kW, but they equip with a 200kW genset, which is also wrong. This will cause big waste of fuel, many problems will raise, because the genset will always operating at very low loading rate, and diesel always burning insufficiently in the cylinder, many carbon deposition in the engine, which will do sever harm to the generator units.

The right choice should be: the actual power demanding equal to 0.8 times of generator units rated capacity. This configuration would ensure the generator units operating within rated capacity, and also avoid long term super low loading, which would help to expand generator unit life circle and reduce defects.