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How to Save Fuel in Diesel Generator Units


1. Pay attention to purify diesel

After certain period of time, some mineral material or impurity material will deposit at the bottom of fuel tank, which should be removed or purified periodically. Otherwise, it will effect on plunger and fuel injector, cause fuel supply confusion & uneven, bad diesel mist, consequent to increasing fuel consume and power decreasing.
2. Periodically eliminate carbon deposit

During diesel engine operating, relative parts will endure high temperature, which cause carbon polymer stick on valve, valve base, fuel injector and top of piston. If we do not eliminate these carbon deposits, fuel consumption will rise, and severely effect on diesel engine operation. Normally we suggest clean the carbon deposit every 4-6 months.


3. Keep certain water temperature

The cooling water temperature range must be kept around 45-65C. if cooling water temperature is too low, insufficient diesel burning will occur, which will increase system loading. The cooling water can not use unpurified water, or dirty water; “soft water” (such as distilled water) is recommended.


4. Please do not overload

Overload will cause insufficient burning; parts of diesel mist can not be burst and turn to black smoke, which will also increase fuel consumption, and reduce component parts life circle.