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Wagna supply quick and sufficient original parts, to ensure generator units perfect operating.

Guarantee of quality & safety
Every original part is strictly inspected before delivery, to guarantee the generator units with original part will be reliable as first time started up.

12 months guarantee
All parts supplied by Wagna will be guaranteed for 12 months, to fully secure products’ quality & safety.

Fast and reliable logistic system
Wagna’s global logistic center applying advanced IT technology to precede effective global coordination, to deliver all kinds of parts any where in the world. For Chinese domestic market, we reserve substantial stock parts, to ensure delivery ASAP.

Risks of non original parts
If non original parts are used, the generator units will face the risks of more defects and repairs, extra costs also raised accordingly. Inevitably, the power supply reliability can not be secured; other parts may also cause damage because of that. Pure original engine parts is the best choice of extend your generator units life circle.


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