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Campus recruitment

It is important to have new members join in our team, for both improve company core value & develop company culture.
More and more highly qualified, energetic and aggressive graduated students are welcomed to join our basic organization post, during our developing and progressing. Wagna absorb many graduated students from different regions, different majors; and we also provide more opportunities to talent students by means of scholarships, directed education, charity activities.

Open recruitment

So broad to combine all, just as the sea containing hundreds of rivers.
Wagna’s corporation culture is full of open mind and aggression. We believe every one has his unique value, and contribute to the company and people around him.
Wagna is keep looking for those who can admit our common sense of worth, who’s willing to develop together with our company, especially for those well experienced, strong capability senior employees of technology, management and sales.
Wagna is providing more opening, reasonable, and aggressive environment, to attract all kinds of employees to join in our team, fighting for our glorious future.

Please contact
HR@wagna.cn, if you are interested.


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