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Dealer application form

Statement: the company's distribution partners limited company rather than the individual, if you would like Wagner resistant products distributor, please carefully read the relevant provisions, and complete and send the completed application form. Once you send is to indicate that you agree to the guangdong Wagner resistance to survey the information you provide, and don't think the survey on your privacy violations. We will therefore forms of information to consider with audit, and may discuss the possibility of cooperation with you and plan etc. This form to record all the information, our company promises will be kept strictly confidential, and not for other purposes.
Table categories: * classified information *
For the client basic information company
name sex age position
ID card No. Mobile Fixed telephone
To apply for the company's basic information
Name of Company is
 Y     N
company address Zip code
contact number fax Website or Email
The main business
Employee status
Annual sales The registered capital
Business intention. Application (province )( city ) Series of products distributor
Plans to invest money ¥()RMB Estimated annual sales : ¥()RMB)
Geographic profile
Logistics instructions
Choose Wagna resistance
Apply for distribution has the advantages of your company

Relevant experience, achievement, develop ability, etc :

In electrical engineering, electrical maintenance, hardware installation engineering and technical personnel and technical ability

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