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Optional parts
  • And cabinet

    The GAC, Siemens and Omron units are used as key components of the automatic parallel switch penal. Synchronous control modular, loading dispatching modular, PLC, digital central control interference and automatic switch on & off are equipped, to perform fully functional, operating reliable and easy maintenance feature.

  • Dual power supply automatic switching control cabinet

    Wagna choose world famous automatic shift switch, to perform fast and reliable automatic shift between dual powers. the shifting mode is switch off power first then plug in, facilitated with dual protection of electric inter lock and mechanical inter lock, to guarantee completely safe.

  • Static sound box

    Sound proof case Sound proof case is a very important part of Wagna pre integrated power system, which provides outdoor and remote area power supply of quick solution. It is flexible for adapt every power range, of any type; and we can also provide customized design regarding different requirements.

  • Mobile Trailer

    Wagna portable trailer will provide idealist solution for short distance mobile power supply, together with sound proof case, elaborate designed and manufactured according to GB2819 <>